Mom, I am afraid of Moles

Almost every person has moles, they are almost invisible when you’re an infant, but when you start growing – they do the same. I am used to having moles. Actually, I haven’t been thinking of them much until noticing they are living their own life on the surface of my skin. Some of them get bigger, some seem to change color, there are several that change from just tiny brown spots to raised areas filled with some kind of liquid (papillomas?) and two more that annoy me to the certain extent as they are different. They are like two small islands in the sea – thick, heavy texturized, casting their coats yearly from dark brown (3mm raised, rough and leathery) to 1mm thick pinky beige… Sometimes they itch, sometimes they are painful, sometimes I just feel them.

Doctors do not give any instructions regarding them, just “leave them alone, avoid direct sunlight, heat, pressure, rubbing and keep an eye on them, letting dermatologist known in case of any changes.” I suggested that may be it would be better to get rid of them to avoid any problems in the future… But was said to leave them “as is” as any operation may worsen the condition… I would better have no explanation at all than something that sounds like this… It is like living with something explosive tied to your belly, awaiting for it to detonate…

Somebody, cheer me up, share your experience on having moles…



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