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Still Moisturizing, Huh?

Every time I come to a beauty store to add to my decorative makeup supplies, I pass numerous shelves with different skin care products – there are scrubs, cleansers, cleansing milks, lotions, crèmes, and make-up removers. There are products for dry and for oily skin, products needed to be applied in the morning and those to be put on before going to bed. Nourishing and Moisturizing, with Vitamins and Minerals. They all promise to make me 10 years younger and 10 times prettier. The more they promise, the more I become skeptical.

I believe in simple things.

I believe in nature that is smarter than all of us and has its own ways. Any organism naturally knows how to be healthy, but when it gets out of balance again and again, it forgets about this ability, it forgets about how it can get back to its normal state.

When we sit most of time, we have our legs thin and weak, with muscles unable to carry the body’s weight. When we don’t use the resources of our body – we lose them. The more we allow different “goodies” to do the work for us, the more we perform such substitutions, the weaker we become finally.

When you are unable to walk, you need to use crutches to restore the muscles, but with the muscles getting back to shape, you should leave crutches to let your body work. The same is with the skin. To my mind all it needs is – some help in getting back to its natural balance (when it cares of itself by itself), and then – some additional help in keeping this balance in place. That is all.

Majority of lotions deal only with the symptoms, not reasons for the skin’s problems, they never let the skin work. When put on, they start to take over some of the skin’s functions; by doing this they lead you to being “addicted” to the lotion. Your skin looks OK while you use the lotion and becomes even worse (than it initially was) as soon as you stop applying it daily. It means the skin has stopped functioning the way it should.

It means it is high time to remind the skin about its duties.


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