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Guess What’s Your Skin Type?

It is vital to know your skin type before choosing from a great variety of skin care recipes, products and make-up.

This is quick and simple and there is no need to go to a cosmetologist. All you need is a towel, a mild face cleanser and several pieces of tissue. Wash your face with a mild cleanser, pat it dry and then wait for about an hour. Then press separate pieces of tissue to your chin, nose, center of you forehead and cheeks, top of your forehead and sides of your cheeks. Then examine the pieces of tissue.

  1. if there is no oily or flaky residue on tissue pieces, than you have your skin of a perfectly normal type,
  2. if all the pieces of tissue have an oily residue on them – you have oily skin type,
  3. if all the pieces of tissue have a flaky residue on them – you have a dry skin type (another indicator is a tight feeling after washing),
  4. and finally, if you have both oily and flaky residue on different tissue pieces – you have combination skin.

Some people define “sensitive skin” as a separate skin type which is characterized by immediate reaction to almost any skin care product, cold temperatures, wind, sun, etc. This is symptomatic when exposure to almost any substance makes the skin feel either tight or stretched and painful, becoming red or spotted. To me, any type of the skin may become “sensitive” when treated incorrectly.

If you don’t have an hour to deal with face washing and are interested in knowing your skin type right away, here are some other methods.

  1. If your face has barely visible pores, evenly colored skin without any imperfections, then you are a happy owner of normal skin. It has lipids and moisture well-balanced and is not excessively sensitive,
  2. Dry skin has tiny pores in combination with rough texture and dull complexion with red patches. It can be flaking or itchy and very sensitive to the elements or skin care products,
  3. Oily skin means you have problems with production of sebum (substance generated by oil glands of the skin), it may result in shiny complexion, the skin looks thick, high incidence of acne, pores are visible and can clog easily, which causes blackheads to appear,
  4. Combination skin looks shiny in the center of the chin, forehead, nose and inner cheeks, while being normal or dry (up to flakiness) on the outer forehead and cheeks.

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