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They Call It Dehydration

While writing about skin types I have found that the skin type you now have may not be the type you will have a few years.

Normal skin type – is the most prevalent, all other skin types are simply symptoms of some imbalance. When you are healthy, with all systems working properly, when you are in good spirits and you are able to easily deal with the stresses in your life – your skin glows with health, it is supple, soft, smooth and of a very special hue that you will recognize as markedly improved when you begin to observe it.

Something to consider:

dry skin as a deserted land
Dry skin can be just a symptom of a skin disorder, a disorder in one or more of your organs, symptomatic of something else no functioning properly or it could simply be your body’s way in letting you know that you are not adequately hydrated. So, if you have noticed your skin undergoes any changes in its appearance, you may want to visit a health care professional if you think that it may be caused by the more serious conditions listed above.

Symptoms and Causes – what we must deal with daily?

You can work on moisturizers, anti-aging and nourishing crèmes, but as long as the underlying cause for dry skin remains, all these products will have little or no effect. While dermatology problems or other organ dysfunctions should be definitely treated by professionals, you can take effective steps in ensuring you are not suffering from dehydration. Dehydration can be caused by stress situations, prolonged physical activity with insufficient water intake, long-term exposure to excessively dry air (often the result of indoor air that is mechanically heated or cooled) or other numerous other causes.

Signs of mild dehydration can vary. Besides skin dryness many experience headaches, tiredness, discomfort, lack of appetite, cravings, dizziness and low blood pressure, decreased perspiration, reduced urination and lack of tears while crying. Other symptoms are that the skin loses its elasticity, sagging back into its normal state slowly when pinched into a fold. When dehydration is severe, the skin may become shriveled and wrinkled. 

The best treatment possible for minor dehydration is drinking up to 1 gallon of water – but never more than 8 oz in any 15 minute period so as to not overwhelm the digestive tract. Then this occurs you get no benefit for the water as it is immediately eliminated through your kidneys and bladder. Just fresh clear water is preferable to all drinks, as it alone has the balance of electrolytes matching the replacement requirements of the body.

So, here we are again: drinking an adequate quantity of water daily is a must. Does anybody around has any ideas on how to prevent water loss?


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