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Getting Rid of Panda Eyes! How to Deal With the Dark Circles and the Eyebags?

eyebagsThere is nothing of a surprise to see dark puffy circles around the eyes after a couple of sleepless nights, but what if you see them each morning even after 8-10 hour sleep? What causes the eyebags and dark circles to appear and what are the measures to get rid of them?

The eyebags may appear when your body starts retaining moisture, – it may occur due to kidney malfunction, large amount of salt taken daily with food, some diseases. The eyebags may also be a sign of an allergy, stress, the lack of sleep or side effect for a congested nose. If you start noticing that you are having the eyebags without any obvious reason, it is better to see a doctor and find out the cause for this.

The dark circles around the eyes may be caused by a thin undereye skin that lets vessels to be well visible, bad blood circulation, poorly balanced nutrition, aging, some diseases accompanied with itching, like eczema or allergies (rubbing or scratching the eyes may damage the skin and underlying vessels).

Good Night, Honey

If you need some quick solution for a better look, try putting cucumber or raw potato slices or cold teabags (just plain black tea, nothing flavored or colored) on your eyes so that they overlap the undereye area, keep them for about 45 minutes and then rinse the eyes with the lukewarm water. 

Avoid drinking much coffee and tea, cut down energy drinks and alcohol, every time you’d love to make tea, have a glass of water instead (lemon allowed). Try not to drink anything for an hour’s time before going for bed and sleep with you head slightly upwards to avoid retention of moisture and “baggy” look in the morning. 

Gently remove all the make-up every evening, so that no particles of mascara get into your eyes. Make sure that this “puffiness” is not an allergic reaction to your newly bought eye-shadows or mascara, if so, don’t hope for “eyes’d get accustomed and everything’d be OK”, as it won’t. Get rid of the product that causes allergy right away and next time either try pricey products before buying them or buy something that you’d be ready to throw away with no regret.  

In order to lighten the dark circles and considerably brighten the skin around the eyes you can massage almond oil mixed with honey before going to bed.

Good Morning, Dear

You may start each morning with a light minute-long massage of the problem area with an ice cube made of water or green/chamomile tea.


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